Motorrad Abenteuer Touren

Motorrad Abenteuer Touren

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432 pages. 500 illustrations. ISBN 3-9800099-55-5. Volume 9 of the series Motorcycle-Long-Travels. Limited edition of 2000 books. A timeless book to read and inspire you to plan your own trip. Contains about 262 motorcycle journeys.


One purpose of the book is to preserve the lost knowledge about the great motorcycle tours in the world. It gives motivation to set off travelling. You can see here how motorcycle travelers, dealing with many difficulties, such as riding simple motorcycles with the basic equipment available in those days, having little money, but lots of enthusiasm, have achieved their goals. The described books practically represent the conquest of the earth through small and large motorcycle tours, up until the year that my book was published. The content of the book is timeless. It is easy to read with 262 chapters and internationally understood as it contains 500 illustrations.


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