Supporting the Project

Supporting the Project

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– Using you can plan your own trips.

– I ask you to support the nonprofit project financially. One euro is better than none! The money goes to external workers who research new travel books and  laboriously enter these in’s 21 information fields per book. By January 2021, we had collected over 12,500 book titles. The project serves the general public by preserving knowledge about “motorcycle travel books” and “other journeys”.

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Please donate €2 to € 100 to support the nonprofit project. Every euro helps. If you plan your trip with motorcycle travel books, you can enter a search in the database, e.g. where you want to go.

1. This database offers an overview of all worldwide motorcycle journeys known to me from 1907 that were published as books: As travel guides, reports, novels (some videos, CDs or travel DVDs). 22 fields of information per book. Bernd Tesch has dealt with this matter from 1970. There is no comparable informative database on such travel books on the Internet. The database of the motorcycle-travel-books has been on the Internet since 2005. The databases on bicycle-travel-books and car-travel-books have been available here on the Internet since 2017.

2. What can you do with the database? – Inform yourself! Be it for your own travelplans or to find out about previous trips made in certain countries. – By clicking on ABC in the header, the content is sorted according to ABC! E.g. by author, book title, year of issue, country. How many books for example are there about Africa, Corsica, in German or in English? – New search function? You can enter the term that interests you in the pink field e.g. India (India) above the chart,.

3. How can you order a book from this database from Bernd Tesch? – You can’t! This database is a purely nonprofit service to you. Copy the row of the book record that interests you. Go to ​​or and paste the data set there. The pages show you where to buy the book inexpensively.

4. Books that may be available from Bernd Tesch can be found at

5. What can you add as a reader to this database?

Bernd Tesch realizes that mistakes can occur. Please send me corrections and additions. – Please participate and add data of new book titles! There is a link for this above the database.

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