Tesch Reflex lashing straps

Tesch Reflex lashing straps

14,9018,90 inkl. MwSt

Two black lashing straps with white reflective stripes woven in for best visibility all around, day and night. Military clasp. 25 mm wide. 1.4mm thick. Tesch product: only available here.


These Tesch-Reflex lashing straps are 25 mm wide and 1.4 mm thick, with a plastic military tension clamp. Easy to clamp and open. The straps have two white reflective durable strips woven into the fabric – NOT printed. Through its elasticity, the belt  adapts well to any surface. They come in two lengths. The reflection when illuminated is enormous! A Tesch product: only available from me.

Necessary accessories for the Tesch Travel Box: Attach a strap of 1.50 m each around the rack, aluminum case and its lid to prevent slight loosening by vibrations and noises that are transmitted. The 2.00 m straps are used for the luggage on the back. This way you will be seen from all sides. Being seen means safety! You can extend the straps together as you like. Experience: on road you never have enough straps!

Additional information

Weight 0,150 kg
Dimensions 15 × 3 × 3 cm


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