American police siren

American police siren

50,00 inkl. MwSt

For your safety.

12 volts. Low energy consumption. 1 amp. 115 DB. 420 Hz. Easy installation, only on 12V battery. 700 g.


To be heard and seen is so important for your safety! Since I know that I myself am responsible for my safety on long journeys, I always used a police siren. I attached it to the alubox between the alubox and the wheel on the exhaust side. Then I used it only in case of emergency. For example when people or animals carelessly crossed the road, I took care of their and my safety. I also put it to use when overtaking trucks, that had stirred up long clouddusts behind them. Siren on, truck moves over; everyone is happy and safe! When the horn is operated, an electric motor increasingly turns an air paddle wheel. The  air that has been sucked in, passes through various recesses in the metal housing. This creates the world-famous american police siren sound. The sound increases, then stays constant before it runs down again. This typical, well-known siren sound can be repeated by honking the horn several times. Unforgettable! This is also a good way to start a party! So I only sell and advertise this police siren as a party siren and toy. It is  not allowed to be used on a vehicle in Germany. How you use it is only up to you!

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Weight 0,700 kg
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 16 cm


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